“This woman must be confident;
she looks like she has done this before;
this can never be me;
I can’t possibly do this;
I don’t have the right body;
or even the guts to try”.

Everyone has a story, and it’s not the story you think. Some have come from loveless marriages; 20 years of never feeling like they were beautiful or worth it. Some were ashamed of themselves after being sexually abused by a loved one or a stranger. Some felt like they gave up their full sense of self after they became a parent, putting their own needs last. Some were just about to go through a mastectomy, wanting to celebrate their natural body before breast cancer changed it. Others were proudly celebrating new choices, new paths, and accomplishments.

Every woman I have photographed in semi-clothed or in the nude walked in trembling with anxiety and walked out feeling empowered.

This photosession is a tasteful, graceful, and sensual experience that captures your essence, strength and beauty. Experience a unique transformation,  challenge yourself,  let go of your fears and boundaries, and see yourself in a kind and loving way. While you’re at it, have lots of fun and feel pampered! My expert team of hair and makeup and I will ensure you get the experience of a lifetime.

Schedule your confidential session and pay tribute to your body.