It takes 0.1 seconds to form a lasting impression of a stranger.

Due to the growth of social media, your online appearance is now more important than ever. If you are a small business owner, YOU are the face of your business. Sending the right first impression is imperative to gaining the interest and trust of your clients.

Your communication channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and your website should portray the image you are after. As a professional looking to promote yourself and your products or services, make sure you look like one! A selfie or a photo taken by your friend screams amateur. Professional photographs can increase the overall perception of the value of your business and the goods and services that you provide.

To build and maintain a successful brand, you want consistency of style, look, colors, and personality throughout, including your imagery. That is why, through a creative brief, I get to know all about you, your philosophy and your business goals, so that I understand your needs and help you to communicate your company’s message through the quality and style of photographs. Stock photography is one route to go, but custom-created photographs with exclusive usage rights is the best way.

My clients include small business owners, CEO’s, artists, coaches and consultants, social media gurus, public speakers, fashion designers, graphic designers, event planners, dancers, musicians, authors, stylists, make-up artists, DJs, actors, and even other photographers!

If your business is important to you, invest in professional quality photos.

Invest in your business and schedule your appointment.